Hailing from Lithuania, Rimantas Lukavicius of KORB has produced a very nice piece of 3D art in a form of the music video for the Lithuanian house duo Mario Basanov & Vidis.

Rimantas uses 4 viewports of the cardiograph drawing various sound waveforms of the sequences in song's composition. As he is continuously switching between the viewports throughout the video, he emphasizes different bits of the sound that are introducing a change or a drop creating a staggering visualization of the ambient sounds.

As another drop is being introduced at 2:00 the whole composition goes 3D and the particles of the drawn waveform are being dismantled off the paper.


  • Artist: Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Jazzu - I'll Be Gone
  • Concept, Direction, Edit, CG: Rimantas Lukavicius | KORB
  • Producers: Martynas Mickenas, Arunas Matacius
  • Production company: RGB