If the credit card used to subscribe to BrowserStack’s Live plan expired, the chances are you’d face $99 monthly to prolong. There are 4 simple steps to get back on the $29 plan.

Earlier this week I had an unpleasant surprise on BrowserStack where credit card expiry blocked the service and the only presented option to prolong appeared to be the $99 monthly Automate Pro package.

After a fair bit of sarcasm on Twitter, @BrowserStack got back to me in a private email with 4 steps that helped to get back on the $29 monthly Live plan:

  1. Sign out of your paid BrowserStack account. (Mandatory)
  2. Navigate to our pricing page through here
  3. Select the Live plan. On the next page, make sure you select your preferred billing cycle.
  4. Type in the username and password of the account. The Sign me up button will change to Sign me in. Click on this button to sign-in and complete your purchase.

It remains unclear why this rather controversial dance is necessary, but in any case it can save one $70 monthly.