Confirmed by the latest press release from Adobe, the software giant aims to resolve the SEO issue for dynamic Flash sites and Rich Internet Applications in collaboration with search industry leaders, Google and Yahoo.

Currently, Google is capable of indexing static Flash, that is reading from SWF files that have been compiled with the text. Yet millions of sites have been left unindexed due to the fact that their content is dynamic, e.g. provided by Flash remoting.

As it is usual in such occasions, many developers have worked on providing alternatives to Flash SEO, e.g. providing alternative text content in HTML block that is later being replaced with Flash content via JavaScript so that the search engine crawls over the alternative text content and indexes it as they don’t render JavaScript code. This simple logic has kept few guys on Google but even so it is a clumsy workaround and rather hard to accomplish for sites of complex structures.

Considering the above, the issue was inevitable for Adobe to resolve and given the percentage of Flash-enabled users (98%) and Flash sites on the net, happily, it makes sense for search engines as well.

A modern approach to Flash SEO