For those of you who are still developing in Flash ActionScript2, an Array method similar to the PHP's in_array() might come in handy.

The following code creates the prototype and finds a match recursively type-wise:

Array.prototype.inArray = function(element) {
	for (i in this) {
		if (this[i] === element) {
			return true;
		} else if (this[i] instanceof Array) {
			return this[i].inArray(element);
	return false;
ASSetPropFlags(Array.prototype, "inArray", 1);


var myArr:Array = new Array("flashbit", "tekkie", "flash", "article", 6, 80, new Array(100, 4, 5, new Array(8, "another article")));
var isInThere:Boolean = myArr.inArray('tekkie');
trace(isInThere ? "it's there!" : "it's not there!");

The above sample would trace it's there!.
myArr.inArray('6') would return false and trace it's not there! while myArr.inArray(6) would return true.

Click here for the attached ActionScript.