Adobe Extension ManagerIf you run English Flash CS4 on a non-English system you might have noticed that Flash components installed with Adobe Extension Manager don't turn up in Components panel anymore. It's another bug vs feature situation by Adobe.

The thing is Extension Manager pushes all extensions to the language-specific folder given the system settings. Flash on the other hand seeks for the components by its own settings and there you have it.

To fix this anomaly you've got to get Extensions hooked up to Flash:

  1. Shut down both, Flash and Extension Manager
  2. Start Flash
  3. In Flash go to the menu Help > Manage Extensions...
  4. Extension Manager starts up
  5. Tick the checkboxes of the Extensions you need to be there in Flash
  6. Quit Extension Manager and restart Flash

This is tested to work on Mac OS and is reported to work on Windows as well.