As many Open Source Software packages lack design appeal, it’s sometimes cool to change how one or the other application looks on macOS Dock.

macOS application bundle

All macOS applications are organised into a conventional folder structure, a bundle. That makes an icon easy to access and change.

Eclipse icon

Eclipse, a popular programming IDE, has used a rather conservative design throughout the years. To improve and update the Eclipse icon, here’s a way to swap old Eclipse icon for new Eclipse icon:

  1. Choose a *.icns icon you’d like to use, e.g. click here to download the above icon (582 KB)
  2. Locate your Eclipse installation folder, e.g. Applications/eclipse
  3. Right-click Eclipse application in that folder
  4. Choose Show Package Contents
  5. In the opened Finder window navigate to Contents > Resources
  6. Replace the default Eclipse.icns file with the one in the icons pack you downloaded in Step 1
  7. That’s it! Enjoy the new Eclipse icon!

New Eclipse icon on Dock

On Snow Leopard the Dock should now look like this:

Eclipse cobranail Dock icon