As iPhone 3G goes on sale in Estonia on 21st of August, EMT has announced 2 different packages and the prices for the new iPhone. Minimum binding time for both is 24 months.

Subscription package Binding time Monthly fee iPhone 3G 8 GB iPhone 3G 16 GB Mobile data SMS Voice (min)
i550 24 months 550 EEK 2 670 EEK 3 960 EEK 100 MB 100 100
i890 24 months 890 EEK 1 490 EEK 2 780 EEK 250 MB 250 250

EEK is fixed to EUR at the rate of 15,6466 EEK for 1€. Click here for comparison with Swedish packages.

Turns out that the above price range is slightly higher than Swedish as i550 is basically comparable to iMini (500 EEK monthly) and i890 to iMidi (830 EEK monthly). Difference in phone prices is minimal (around 200 EEK in favour of Estonians). Of course, as the only binding time option is 2 years, it's quite safe to say that iPhone 3G is more costly in Estonia. 

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