It's pretty certain that an average Flash/RIA developer cares about how the dev tools look. If a piece of software looks ugly, it's unlikely to be used.

Eclipse in that matter is one such tool. On Mac OS X its Dock icon looks ugly and the splash screen isn't any better either.

To improve this unbearable ugliness on the Dock, here's a way to

swap this Eclipse original icon for this Eclipse cobranail icon

  1. Download the* (582 KB) with the above icon
  2. Locate your Eclipse installation folder, e.g. Applications/eclipse
  3. Right-click Eclipse application in that folder
  4. Choose Show Package Contents
  5. In the opened Finder window navigate to Contents > Resources
  6. Replace the default Eclipse.icns file with the one in the icons pack you downloaded in Step 1
  7. You're done. Enjoy the new icon!

On Snow Leopard the Dock should now look like this:

Eclipse cobranail Dock icon

* icons pack is licenced under Creative Commons 3. Original artwork by cobranail.

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