A new version of obfuscatr email obfuscation widget introduces support for + addresses, e.g. [email protected].

DISCLAIMER: Apple discontinued Dashboard in macOS Catalina. obfuscatr widget can not be installed on newer macOS versions.1

Somewhat a forced update by obfuscatr users, it is still a minor update and does not add much to the latest release of 1.1.0 introduced by Flashbit precisely a year ago.

+ addresses can be used with a Google Mail account making Google pretty much responsible for its increased use. Many companies use + addresses for their support ticketing system given the format [email protected]. As this format makes email filtering very easy to handle it’s a must for any email-related system.

obfuscatr 1.2.0 is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget available as a free download. obfuscatr 1.1.0 was featured on Macworld Italy’s complimentary CD.

obfuscatr 1.2.0 screenshot