elisa Estonian 2nd biggest town of Tartu is now on the map of high-quality 3.5G mobile coverage by Elisa. As of 13th of May all Elisa's M-internet customers in the town can enjoy 7.2 Mbps connection.

Elisa launched the first commercial UMTS900 network in the world last year and put up the first Estonian UMTS900 test network in January. With UMTS it's possible to bring high-speed mobile internet to rural areas as the demand is very high.

A year ago Elisa introduced the first M-internet package of unlimited traffic. Since then its usage has grown 25 times and 80 times for high-band 3,5G. These figures are expected to be beaten in 2008.

7.2 Mbps M-internet is now available in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu covering approximately 40% of Estonia's population. 256 Kbps EDGE is available on about 70% of Estonia.

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