As in the case of Estonia, Latvia has been developing ID cards as well. Yet the usability and popularity of ID card lags behind and worries Latvian government officials in regard of eGovernment success. Therefore, few Latvian ministers have advocated the idea of obligatory eSignature in order to emphasize the usage of ID card and various eServices that are available from public institutions. It would basically mean that some of public services are only available for those having access to electronic signatures. 

Currently Latvian eSignature costs more than 30€ added the fee for the time stamp. But this is only for the individuals. For businesses the price is 2-3 times higher.

So even though the number of electronic services are available and they can be used using the ID gear, they are still a bit too pricey for an average citizen to opt in to which is probably why the interest from private sector is not considerable.

In Estonia eSignatures are free as since 2001 Ministry of Social Affairs covers the expenses of required certificates for all the citizens. A particular software is not required as you can access DigiDoc portal for signing your documents or agreements online with other ID card holders who can also log in and sign it on their part.

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