• How to split DMG into segments

    Uploading a disk image may in some cases be quite troublesome, e.g. uploading to .Mac simply because you can’t resume the upload if it fails. A way around would be to upload in segments.

  • WebKit is leading the run for CSS3

    Despite Mozilla's enormous effort to Firefox, WebKit developers have proven their Acid2 compatible framework is flexible enough for the Safari's latest success to prevail. Newest CSS3 developments show off.

  • Safari has made it to 5%

    Despite all that criticism and scepticism on Safari, it has finally achieved 5% threshold.

  • Connecting Windows to a Mac printer

    Connecting your Windows PC to a printer behind a Mac sounds like a lot of trouble. The thing is it takes 15 seconds if you know what you are doing.

  • A fuss of Web 2.0 has left Acid2 aside

    Web 2.0 hype has only seen a few who have gone further from listing applications with a shiny balloon logotype.

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