• Firefox 3 Beta 1

    1st beta of Firefox 3 for Mac is out. Compared to earlier releases it has improved a lot in terms of bug fixes, looks and speed.

  • First commercial UMTS900 network in the world

    Elisa, Finnish communications company, has debuted with the first commercial UMTS900 3G network.
  • CSS transitions

    WebKit has introduced another great feature – CSS animation. It is simply amazing what you can do with CSS transitions combined with CSS transforms.

  • Benefits of tableless design

    To emphasize greater use of Cascading Style Sheets — there are few very good reasons to dump endless HTML table structures in favour of CSS.

  • CSS3 transforms in WebKit

    As of now you can scale, rotate, skew and translate the DOM elements in the latest nightly of WebKit.
  • Estonia and Lithuania report high broadband sales for TeliaSonera

    TeliaSonera's Q3 net stales increase by 7,1%, helped by record-high broadband sales in Estonia and Lithuania.
  • Array.inArray() method in ActionScript2

    For those of you who are still developing in Flash ActionScript2, an Array method similar to the PHP's in_array() might come in handy.

  • 100% CLEAN award for obfuscatr 1

    obfuscatr 1, the obfuscation tool introduced few days ago, has been awarded by Softpedia.

  • Firefox 3 going Macish

    As Mac OS X Leopard arrives in 7 days time on 26th, Mozilla developers are not staying behind. New Firefox theme for Mac OS X is a work in progress.

  • obfuscatr 1 released

    obfuscatr is the email address obfuscator. Its purpose is to obfuscate the email address in a way it couldn’t be reached by the bots crawling the web for emails.

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