• First impressions of Microsoft Silverlight (and how to get rid of it)

    Quite frankly, pretty much everyone familiar with Adobe Flash Platform would agree, that Microsoft's recent try to produce their own RIA platform is not up to scratch. A very short walk-through below should give an idea of what's the status of this venture.

  • E-readiness rankings 2009

    Economist Intelligence Unit has once again concluded with the E-readiness rankings of 2009 to measure the quality of a country’s ICT infrastructure and the ability of its consumers, businesses and governments to use ICT to their benefit.

  • Elisa moves to the lead in the run for 3.5G coverage

    As of this week Elisa has the largest 3.5G coverage in Estonia as a result of the 3.5G availability in one of the largest counties in the country.
  • Bait-and-switch approach to force Internet Explorer update

    Somewhat an interesting discussion took off on Twitter between me (@tekkie) and Jason Young of award-winning @virion_ca about the IE6 Update technique. While the goal of such a technique looks decent, it’s mainly of benefit to developers.

  • Getting ImageAPI and ImageCache cope with Drupal 6

    Setting up a gallery in Drupal may easily turn into a lot of hassle. While Drupal is one of the most flexible Content Management Systems out there, it's also one of the most complex.

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