• e-tickets in function at Tallinn Airport

    At TLL, in addition to open WiFi network available throughout the terminal, you can now also use the computers for free.
  • tail functionality in PHP

    PHP code snippet that makes it easier to display most recent entries in a heavy text file, e.g. Apache log.
  • Linxtelecom Estonia reports 52% increase in sales

    Linxtelecom Estonia, Estonian branch of Dutch Linx Telecommunications B.V., reports their turnover has grown to 4.4 million Euros in 2007. It's a 52% raise compared to 2006 concluding the year with approximately 160 000 Euros profit.

  • launched

    Fully content managed multilingual Flash website of Boutique Caprice, jewellery retail store in Tallinn, has been launched.
  • Elisa expands 3.5G to Tartu

    Estonian 2nd biggest town of Tartu is now on the map of high-quality 3.5G mobile coverage by Elisa.

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