• e-tickets in function at Tallinn Airport

    At TLL, in addition to open WiFi network available throughout the terminal, you can now also use the computers for free.
  • tail functionality in PHP

    PHP code snippet that makes it easier to display most recent entries in a heavy text file, e.g. Apache log.
  • Linxtelecom Estonia reports 52% increase in sales

    Linxtelecom Estonia, Estonian branch of Dutch Linx Telecommunications B.V., reports their turnover has grown to 4.4 million Euros in 2007. It's a 52% raise compared to 2006 concluding the year with approximately 160 000 Euros profit.

  • launched

    Fully content managed multilingual Flash website of Boutique Caprice, jewellery retail store in Tallinn, has been launched.
  • Elisa expands 3.5G to Tartu

    Estonian 2nd biggest town of Tartu is now on the map of high-quality 3.5G mobile coverage by Elisa.
  • Estonian Air to introduce e-tickets

    As of 5th of May the customers of Estonian Air don't have to hassle with printed tickets and can use the automated check-in procedure.
  • Upgrading to Wordpress 2.5

    In the end of March Wordpress team introduced a new version of their popular blogging platform and advised all its users to upgrade. Even though any experienced user of Wordpress could probably do it in an ease, it may still get a bit tricky.

  • iTunes Baltic

    Apple's iTunes Music Store expansion to Baltic States has been confirmed by Apple representative in Europe.
  • obfuscatr featured in Macworld

    Readers of Macworld Italy have the latest release of obfuscatr on the bonus CD bundled with the March issue.
  • Elisa is implementing Mobile TV

    2 months after the launch of the first commercial UMTS900 network in November 2007, Elisa launched UMTS900 network in Estonia and is now aiming to implement Mobile TV on top of it.

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