• ActionScript 3 lacks functionality for visible bounds of DisplayObject

    The following has already been listed as a feature request at Adobe Bug System and is only to illustrate the situation which is basically the lack of badly needed functionality in ActionScript 3.

    The problem relates to flash.geom.PerspectiveProjection introduced with the load of native 3D in Flash 10.

  • How to run a site with gzip compression and why it matters

    Since Google is now considering site speed for PageRank, it has made developers and SEO crowd thinking about it. First and probably the simplest thing is to turn on GNU zip compression.
  • Creatives should remind Apple they exist

    Throughout Mac's history, Adobe-based creatives have formed a considerable bunch of Apple's clientele. Most of them can also be referred to as macheads who have been loyal customers and brought along new crowd. Now, in the light of recent news in regard to iDevice and the new Developer Agreement, Adobe community has been locked out of these devices. Action is required.

  • Embed system fonts with Flex SDK

    This little ActionScript 3 snippet will convert the system font to a SWF font instance that you can use in your AS3 project.

  • Enhanced Eclipse icon on macOS

    As many Open Source Software packages lack design appeal, it’s sometimes cool to change how one or the other application looks on macOS Dock.

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