• Latvia struggling with eSignatures

    Few Latvian ministers have advocated the idea of obligatory eSignature in order to emphasize the usage of ID card and various eServices that are available from public institutions.
  • Mobile phone spam from Madagascar

    During the 2-day period of 16th - 17th July thousands of Estonian mobiles received a call from a Madagascan number. Those who called back were charged at 1,63€ a minute.
  • Adobe to enhance SEO for Flash

    Confirmed by the latest press release from Adobe, the software giant aims to resolve the SEO issue for dynamic Flash sites and Rich Internet Applications in collaboration with search industry leaders, Google and Yahoo.

  • World record for the most digitally signed document

    Estonia set a new milestone in the history of digital signing when during the campaign 11 126 Estonians gave their digital signature for the record.
  • 3G iPhone pricing announced for Sweden

    Telia announced iPhone3G prices for Sweden. It will be available in all 84 Swedish Telia stores with 3 subscription options, iMini, iMidi and iMaxi.

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