• Creating a convenient DMG image for your pictures

    In recent years many of us have converted to Macs and still doesn't know how to use some of the gems of the platform. Creating disk images for sharing your stuff with people on the same platform is just one of them.
  • Testing standards compliance of Microsoft Outlook 2007

    A notorious subject in whole, all W3C-capable newsletter coders must be familiar with Outlook support for open standards. To make it short, it looks like the bubble of Microsoft's long-praised work towards standards compliance is threatening to burst.
  • World-class 3D music video from Rimantas Lukavicius of KORB

    Hailing from Lithuania, Rimantas Lukavicius of KORB has produced a very nice piece of 3D art in a form of the music video for the Lithuanian house duo Mario Basanov & Vidis.
  • Internet Explorer dumping CSS hacks to comply with standards

    Years ago, for Internet Explorer 5, Microsoft took a shortcut to 'extended CSS support' that they called the Dynamic Properties. Despite the fancy name it had nothing to do with W3C Cascading Style Sheet standards nor was it available cross-platform. Now, as the software giant has realized the impact of open standards, they are giving up on these non-standard developments.

  • First browser to pass Acid3 web standards test

    On Friday WebKit team announced their open source browser engine entirely passes Acid3 test by Web Standards Project.

    Acid3 is a test page that checks how well a web browser follows certain web standards, especially relating to the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript.

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